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The Importance of Skin Checks

Tanned Skin

Have you been out in the sun this summer?

Have you got some new freckles this year?

How about changes to the size, shape or colour of your moles?

We know that Melanoma is the third most common cancer found in Australians[1]. Therefore, it is important to be aware of changes in your skin and seek timely advice. Early detection is key to a good recovery[2]. Autumn is a great time to check your skin because some changes may have occurred over the hot summer months.

Our clinic offers comprehensive skin checks by trained[3] General Practitioners. After that, our GP’s can perform certain excisions, shave and punch biopsies where appropriate. In addition, they can refer you for specialist treatment if required.

Book a skin check with Dr Khoury today.

If you are new to skin checks, here are some tips to help you monitor changes to your skin at home.



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