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Health Assessments

Over 75 years

We recommend a complete health check for everyone in this age group who have any specific risk factors for diabetes and chronic disease. Risk factors of note are: snoring, overweight, high blood pressure or a family history of chronic illness.

Health Assessments

45 - 49 years

We recommend an annual health check for everyone over 45 – 49 years. With a comprehensive review of all your health needs including medication review and full physical and mental health check. We can help identify any issues and institute early treatment or preventative strategies.


Care Plans and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referrals

If you have multiple health issues, we recommend you have a care plan completed that allows us to streamline your care and coordinate with all your health providers. You may also be eligible for Medicare rebate on allied health services, such as podiatry or physiotherapy. Please ask us if you qualify.

Mental Health Care Plans

If you suffer from a mental health issue including anxiety and depression, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate on psychology services. If you feel you would benefit from mental health support, please ask for an appointment to review this.